Fly The Coop

by Kesor The Chiken X El Ron

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"Fly The Coop" is an album of true school sound and off the hook grimey beats all made by proucer El Ron , accompanied by the wide range lyrics conjured up by emcee Kesor The Chiken. Sci-fi fantasy, real life back alley ways, psychedelic trips, alternate realities, the mind of a mad man this set of songs will take you there!


released November 15, 2014

All beats made by El Ron - All lyrics written by Kesor The Chiken -Mastered By Kesor The Chiken



all rights reserved


Steady Spliffin Krew (Kesor the chiken &The Table Damager) Porterville, California

Steady Spliffin Krew Are All About Hip Hop And Spend Most there California Days Chillin In There home Studio Workin On Instrumentals, Spinnin Wax & Writing Lyrics . Kesor The Chiken an Emcee that Likes To Deliver you That Raw Uncut bringing fun topics an cool word play ....The Table Damager Is a Prodcuer That Brings you That true School Sound With some New Flavor .. Combine the Two For Awesome ... more

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Track Name: The Ever Changing Moment (Son Of Tomorrow)
Verse 1
i can almost feel it coming
i can almost feel something
all these non systematic changes got my brain buggin
my day is among us i aint makin up a a ruckus
birth of anew like is sprang from fungus
its like i was waiting for hundreds of wonderous years
an when ur waiting your stuck its like nothing is near
live in a wonderland bust through the mirrior
when trouble is clear i rumble with fears
shuttle my tears ship em to space
color me here then give me a face
this is my place each dimension and way
this is my age kesors the name
never the samewill anything be
speaking like yoda force living in me
this is my seed i believe its a start
the suns set to resurrect deep in my heart
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
Im the son of tomorrow
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
Im the son of tomorrow
Verse 2
im son of tomorrow
the sun is a marlble
this earth is my ocean drown out the sorrow
lets get real bout the peril l
like wills bout the ferrel
rise of future kill out the pharoahs
build up the scarecrows give em all life
give em all wive an watch em mulitply
head into sky sketch a nice picture
leave it the for next people let em know we lived here
so they can get to know us lets show them their gods
its funny how we showed up never knowing the odds
grown in a pod i dont think so
still holding on as far as extinct goes
a wrinkle in time immortalized soul
now im on throne made from old stone in a dome
son of forever time is my treasure
or i might just be kesor
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
Im the son of tomorrow
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
im the sun of tomorrowland
Im the son of tomorrow
Track Name: Everybody Knows The Chicken
Everybody Knows The Chicken da da da da da da da
im kesor they know me and they know that
at a lonely desk i broke into my soul
found out where the flows at
found a note attached to my heart
that read never hold back
i heard a voice inside my head
that said quit but i never spoke back
Verse 1
im the chicken king of the composition
no competition i do the math like long division
when i jot a sentence
im comphresive but i still got alot questions
went searcing for the truth instead i got attentive
reached for destiny but it was all infected
once loved twice bitten till a lost affection
an now im in a diffrent place
you might know me im the chicken
i stay diggin thru plates
im in a gritty duel with fate
im a prohet on mission
with a miniscule bit faith
surrounded by hate filled bastards
that like to ridicule my ways
but i dont let em where the brain at
even if they got in theyd be lost an need a big map
i should know im the one who wrote the maze plans
aint no half stepper
bugged out mad scientist in the lab
going sav yeah thats KESOR
yeah thats the Gajah Monster
yeah thats me
an everybody knows
it aint that neat
Everybody knows the chiken
it must be the verses im kickin
everybody knows the chiken
must be styles that im scriptin
everybody knows the chiken
must be the spliffs that twistin
everybody knows the chiken
it must be im bitchin
trust me im diffrent
Verse 2
im the chiken from
the crew known as steady spliffin
2014 but the sound sounds vintage
the undeads risen from out the depths an cracks
up from the ashes the games met its match
the path may lead through secret hatches
it may not be easy passage
but i will seek us past it
no matter how fucked the task is
forget a banddage let it bleed
i write and write until my finger
startss to write ahead of me
i never dream when i sleep
and think those are memories
of another life that kesor
leads and kesors me
everybody knows this
ill never quit ill be the one
who kept the flow steady through necrosis
i was chosen like hugo reyes
if you dont know me by the chicken
then you probably know who ray is
yeah thats kesor yeah that me
and everybody knows aint that neat
everybody knows the chicken
it must be thes ryhmes that ive written
everybody knows the chiken
must be the vibe that i get it in
everybody knows the chiken
must be the time that im glitchin
everybody knows the chiken
it must be im im bitchin trust me im diffrent
Track Name: Streets Reflections
the street life run game and get paid
The deep night stay home where shits safe
sleep tight outside theres gun play an trick trade
crack head freaks creep around every corner with switch blades
my citys full tweakers of pot heads an hot heads
fucked up cops stray dogs an buisnesses that've gone dead
wrong turns shady dudes
toothless bums under bridges
with their daily brew
talkin to themselves like
raving loons
the street lifeeverybodys big bout it
im surprised theses streets are not crowed
the economys drownding foreclosed homes
make great flop houses
for the poor till swat pounce in
everybodys thuged out on a grind they cant hault
or bugged out life on stall
mans ups mans downs
mans blessings and mans faults
i observe it all as i skate on the asphalt

I See My Reflection in The Street
Repeat 3x

graff writers back alleysnew starts dark roads
outsiders central cali boulevard of scarred souls
life deathan every little thing
in between these citys
streets live an breathe cluttered
with everybodys missing dreams
these avenues are never quiet
accidents an violence
helicopter dispatch and diffrent sirens
everybody thinks they really know these streets
till their stealing from a grocery store
to eat we all gotta get by somehow
these neighbor hoods are run down
all the drugs are slung round
so some skum can tie down
all the love has died out
all this concrete iscracked
just out rehab and zombies attack
another liquor gets robbed
a street light goesdim
another teen becomes a mom
an old lady wishes she had kids
so many dead ends where does street lifebegin
so many dead ends where does this street life begin
as i
i found
my face
in the streets
Track Name: Peter Bishop
inspecting the world trying
to pick it all apart
from the glpyhs to the art
to the division of the stars
im livin like bard scriptng
lyrics in the dark
with one ear to the ground
trying to listen for a heart
mr. bishop sifting through parts
rift through
to you side
the dynamics are massive
all wisdom aside
i wanna visit your mind
leave my name
on the tip of your spine
thats right there
thats my signature line
i feel alive
i feel divine but im
not living
royal im gritty
fuckin hippie stick these
seeds in the soil
feed the dirt
please the earth
till i see decent spoils
when the light inside grows dim
i'll rest a bit then reheat the coil
im just another creature
man from the other side
but you can call me peter
catch me in an out of zones
checkin special meters i wrote this
as testimony for all you non belivers
im trying to save time
but times trying to merk me
disguised eyes like to
osbserve me my mind is swirling
i cant classify how i feel
or whats real
and it makes me fuckin ill
some how
i always seem
to pull me self back togehter
its science like sub atomic particles
being measured
my guide are these visions
i strive for persitance
im my own worst enemy i'll die with a vengenge
all of my inventions are fallin apart
some say lifes precious i call it a shark
these shcmucks smile in your face
while they swallow a tart
but who the fuck am other than hollow n dark
i feel tyrion lannister exhiled from what is
mine an i feel like napleon bonaparte on his little lsland
i dont talk to myself i talk to the silince
i walk out of line the unatemptable i try it
the skys changing colors is it this the end that we read bout
or is it the universe pretending to reroute i will save us all
feed myself into the machines mouth
as long as you promise stand close while i bleed out
i cant explain the light that i see now
or the immense engery i cant seem to bring down
im feeling sleepy
or is this just a dream house
every time i open my eyes
nothing seems then how its seems now
Track Name: Chillin In My Zone (Original Version)
prime my energy and let it grow
prime my energy and let it grow
prime my energy and let it grow
levitate into
centered whole head an soul
then explode
im just chillin
in my zone
im just chillin in my zone
verse 1
hanging macking hoes
stranger than a jackalope
every songs a banger
danger i got anger like
john macanroe
throw a bomb in flat black and
gold scratch my butt act a nut
pack a bowllet the kraken go
defend the scene like piccolo
corny ryhmes that shit dont flo
i was born to style
so i spit to code super sick ridicluos
plastic missles dont float so
dont bother ding dong
it like pulling a pistol on king kong
kesor do it hard fuck i got the coolest bars
u just strum ur guitar cause u cut your hair
like bruno mars i go stupetard
hit u with a sumofart
kes's fat death match step fast
or lose ur heart
Stirke like a nijna wouldeverytime i get ya good
kick thru bricks an wood mutha fucker i stick and push
hit the kush it spins my cap like r two
so i kick back spit a rap and spark two
prime my energy and let it grow
levitate into a centered soul head and
soul then explode
im just chilling in my zone
im just chilling in my zone
prime my energy and let it grow
levitate into a centered soul head and
soul then explode
im just chilling in my zone
im just chilling in my zone

chilling in my zone you know the dealio
kesor really dope frankly feeling really stoned
talking shit
yet not off a bit
i dig this autumn
windwe droppin gems
bigs ups to el Ron for this
awesome belnd
im always
rockin itlike
earth quakes in the apocalypse
orginalitys key i aint mockin shit
I want to rap and i want to live
when i grab the mic i got fire like when the
marijuanas hit
yeah i reck
em funk style
seletor yes im kesor the
realms one protecor
the lifted operator
hip hop advocate
we dig crates
where the magiclives
always slammin
keep it movin
yeah we jammin
im Always at it
keepin true
to the passion
like a gladiator
i stand strong
press purge
and trap me
in my raps songs
Track Name: Cooped Up
The Sky is Falling
The Sky is Falling
The Sky Is Falling
The Sky Is Falling
let me start from the top im a bottomless pit
natures modification a biological mix
when logic desists does Impossible live
unstoppable i dont know what obstacle is
in a league of own we keep it unknown
got frequency code where we speak like were ghosts
were not seeking for gold weve got secrets to hold
if you only knew what we knew then you'd see why were bold
so we rise n soar high ive gotta torch inside thats got me fighting wars in the sky
forge a storm in my mind absorb what pours let it form into sight where im normally blind
im formaly in flight like a kite formerly just a guy with a life just a guy like you guys
alright i said alright alright tonight
i think the sky is falling oh my pink stars are drawing in lineswe cant hide
say goodbye to the coop and we fly desitnation tomorrow can i borrow the time
x 2
Track Name: Get Up Move
hi its nice to meet you im kesor the chiken
genetic mutation forever efficent
im centered from within
watever Condtion from clever decisions to measuring distance
agressive defences no matter the prefrence im badder an radder im better respect it
gather ur weapon shatter my vessle i laugh an deflect it while u trance out like techno
u sweat the flow i drop the coolest verses your drunk in clubs i chill in pocket universes
deeply inserted into my worked as the world circles slow i breathe creative exhert purple smoke
el ron enrcts beats with a perferct code i uncovered this one here under earth and stone
next to alot of dirt in a city of bones artifacts are my bag like indy jones
dig for gold no dig for knowlegethe winds are cold an thewinters upon us
gangster lean in ur zone but im not thuggin im a mic stalker mega mean hella stoned hella ugly like white walker
ima hype talker live wire
wild card im a ryhme monsterwise scholar sound bomber crowd stopper loud rocker officially official
cloud cougher hella blunt in a bad mood smoke hell a blunts till i cant move stuck like tattoo
bamboo stick size spliffsim feeling righteous do two an flying when the moons high tide im a lycan
loopin thru time lines writing like a mayan im not buyin any bull shit pack a punch like a dual kick if it aint the funk then mute it
28 now no more cool kid just another funny face stooging ima mutant a few missiing marble an screws loosed47 keeps this tune moving
forward like i lougin hipters are like wheres the chourus this is stupid but secretly adore it an move in groove to it
fly the coop from california to timbuktu fly the coop
get up
get up move

get up get up move
Track Name: Me Vs Me
this is me versus me
the world againsnt myself
machine against man
and its all bad for my health
im trapped in this hell
a land not a cell
things are gettin shitty
and i cant stand the smell
everyones enchanted
all happy n stale
but im stranded without magic
so i cant crack the spell
i got a magisters tale
that i tell to all the people
im searchin for talisman
to expel all the evil
ive got the answer to an equation
in the back of my brains
every wants to get it
i just wnna get away
times a prolmen its got me twitching when i
think but i must funtion fight
to live and die different day
the mission in my sight
the visons in my eyes
its all stranger than fiction
convincing in its lies
if you have a question get in line
but please dont interrupt during intermission
cause thats when i get my signs
i rode in on ballon
ive been to thru the Doom
i ve fought with dragon
im not braggin
this is my destiny
chivalry rest peace
do wht i hafta
so i dont lose what im after
move like a panther

verse 2
this is me versus greed
man against money
cash rules the planet
ill be damned if its funny
i cant quit this running
the stampede is coming
im lost like john locke
and cant be to lucky
eveyrthing fucked
all dinghy an ugly
i wish itd disappear
then rexist more
pretty and lovely
i caught a fish
not yet quite fit for
a dish it was cunning
made promises that left
me awfully hungry and untrusting
i met the man that gladly
sold the earth gave up
everything i owned
for a whole bag of dirt
ive got a secret in
a box im to protect
from whoever im not a demon
or a god or a messegner im kesor
on the hunt like predator
buzzed on seditve regimens
praying to sky to blessed with
adrenaline or some
higher powerto step in and let me
win with the ways thingsare goin
the only one around will
be sneaky skeming twin
gloating at me with a greasy grin
i rode in on ballon
ive been thru the doom
i ve fought with dragon
im not braggin
this is my destiny
chivalry rest in peace
do what i hafta
so i dont lose what im after
move like a panther
do what i hafta
like a stooge with a lantern
treading through with no hazard
Track Name: Undead
this isnt ressurection rap
its fringe sceince
most these cats
are dim lighted
like someones been
trippn the brightness
on your channel flippn devices
im like vincent price is when i get my
lines in im like kimbo slices is the
way i spit so violent
im a pirate floating thru hell
with glowing sails
on the hunt for some holy grail
and twenty swindelers that owe me well
this isnt even rap the true meaning of
this is classified top secret when we amplfiy
hide out write right by gleaming
candle light no night night like
graffiti vandal life
we keep travelin time gamble our lives
hone in on creationand channel our minds
ramblin ample gatherin ties
sampling patternsscatter the splice
do what matters to i
stay undead cause in us hip hop never has to die
build large weild art
the elementsi will gaurd with real heart
gotta read to my brain feel free
keep skill sharp cause you eat all day an still starve
inside i have what you call fury
but the whole idea of all of this is all theory
if you look at it upside down its heavly diffrent
its trip i guessthat why i steady the spliffage
welcome to the other side desingnation x
where on quest for ancient text engraved in cement
these are the memoirs of the way
it endsas told by a man who hates to pretend
this is everythingthat you strain to believe
these are hiddentricksthat remain in the sleeve
these living messages gained
from the deceased
this is the requeim
for making a dream
Track Name: These Old Roads
im on these train tracks again
these back ways the lagged days
are my friends
ive got my earphones on
im seachin lost my soul in a song
i see names i remember
buffed wheres these walls bleed
german outlined in mind for always
like ghosts tryin to call me
the remnants of my past
before rap was my calling

its like i still see life there
i used rhyme right here an skate
now i feel like i might be light years away
I fear to say but i neverfear the day

im on these oldsroads once again
these patches of conrete
an long streets theres no end
ive got my sunglasses on me
walkin like the dead
sloppy like a zombie
these narrow strolls i find no peril
and it helps remind me im a bboy
down to my bone marrow

ive got a spray can for the dark
ive got a brekdance for an art
ive got a brain that sparks the bars
an but i say em from the heart
ive got thing for collectin records
gotta cratespack full of effort
ive got two turntable an mixer with
a fader for thecenter
im romantic with these ryhmes
ive got track for every vibe in my mind
ive got a vibe for every day of my life
im alivewhen i climbin on these beats
its realease like finally finding
the peace to breathe free
im on this
same path again
but then again
where have i been